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Pilates ball 75 cm

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Transform your Health with the 75 cm Pilates Ball - Discover the Power of Pilates!

If you are looking for an effective and complete way to improve your physical and mental health, the 75 cm Pilates Ball is the tool you need. The Pilates method is widely recognized for its benefits, and the Pilates ball takes these benefits to a new level. Discover how the Pilates Ball and the Pilates method can transform your life holistically.

Main features:

  1. Total Versatility: At 75 cm in diameter, the Pilates Ball offers a versatile platform for a wide variety of exercises. From strengthening to stretching, this ball is your ally for a complete Pilates practice.

  2. Core Support: The Pilates Ball is exceptional for working the core, the deep abdominal muscles that play a crucial role in stability and posture. Strengthening the core is critical to healthy spinal health.

  3. Posture Improvement: Pilates focuses on postural awareness and correcting muscle imbalances, helping to improve your posture on a daily basis, which in turn can prevent pain and injuries.

  4. Improved Flexibility: Regularly practicing Pilates with the Pilates Ball helps increase joint flexibility and range of motion, which is essential for maintaining mobility throughout life.

  5. Balance and Coordination: Exercises performed with the Pilates Ball challenge balance and coordination, leading to better body awareness and acceptance of the risk of falls.


  • Strong and Healthy Body: Pilates promotes global muscle strengthening, confident for balanced and healthy muscles.

  • Stress Relief: Pilates practice encourages the mind-body connection, promoting relaxation and stress reduction.

  • Lasting Mobility: Stay flexible and active throughout the years by keeping your joints in good working order.

  • Injury Prevention: By correcting muscle imbalances and improving posture, you reduce the risk of injuries related to poor posture.

  • Improved Quality of Life: Pilates is not just physical exercise; It's a lifestyle that can improve your physical, mental and emotional health.

The 75 cm Pilates Ball is your gateway to a journey of well-being and holistic health. With regular Pilates practice, you can achieve a stronger body, a calmer mind and an improved quality of life. Get your Pilates Ball now and start the transformative experience of the Pilates method!

With this pilates ball you can perform fitness and yoga exercises. The stability Pilates ball guarantees dynamic balance training through resistance, posture stability and reaction time. Furthermore, it is very efficient for improving strength and flexibility.

The Pilates method is one of the best forms of exercise to lengthen and tone your extremities, achieve excellent posture and incredibly strengthen your abdominals. This fitness ball maximizes results and provides a safe and perfect base for performing exercises.

Diameter: 75 cm
Blue, red or lilac color (random shipping

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