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Kitchen Sprayer

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Kitchen Sprayer - Precise Control for Perfect Cooking!

Our Kitchen Sprayer is an innovative utensil that redefines the way you add olive oil, vinegar, oil and other liquids to your food, pans, dishes and salads. Unlike traditional dispensers, this stylish spray dispenser puts you in complete control of the amounts you add, designed into delicious and healthy dishes perfectly.


1. Modern and Ergonomic Design: Created with the perfect combination of stainless steel and glass, our kitchen sprayer is an example of modern and elegant design. Its ergonomic shape provides comfortable and safe driving, ensuring ease of use.

2. Accurate Quantity Control: Say goodbye to guesswork! With our spray sprayer you can measure exactly how much olive oil, vinegar or oil you want to add. This ensures consistent and balanced dishes, avoiding excess calories or waste.

3. Simple Instructions: Using our sprayer is incredibly simple. Just follow two steps: first, fill a bottle with the liquid of your choice. Then gently press the button to release a fine, even spray directly onto the food. Total control in the palm of your hand!

4. Funnel Included: We've made the filling process even easier with the inclusion of a practical funnel. This ensures that you can refill the sprayer easily and without waste.

5. Ideal Dimensions: With an approximate measurement of 18 x 4 cm, our sprayer is compact enough to fit into any space in your kitchen. He is ready to be your reliable culinary partner.

6. Generous Capacity: With a capacity of 100 ml, our sprayer provides enough space to store your essential cooking liquids, meeting the need for frequent refilling.

Experience the revolution in cooking with the Kitchen Sprayer! Transform your dishes with the precision and control you've always wanted. With an elegant design and exceptional functionality, this sprayer is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Become the cooking master and impress your family and friends with delicious, healthy and perfectly seasoned dishes. Get your Kitchen Sprayer now and discover a new level of flavor and practicality!

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