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Mosquito Killer Racket

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Free your Home from Mosquitoes with the Powerful Mosquito Killer Racket!

No more irritation caused by pathogenic mosquitoes in your home. We present the definitive solution to get rid of these flying intruders: the Mosquito Killer Racket. With its advanced technology and effective design, this racket offers an easy and fun way to eliminate pesky mosquitoes. Discover how our Mosquito Killer Racket can make your home a more peaceful and insect-free environment.

Main advantages:

  1. Incredible Efficiency: The Mosquito Killer Racket uses a high-voltage electrified grade to eliminate mosquitoes on contact. A simple swipe is enough to capture them, providing instant and effective results.

  2. Ergonomic Design: With a lightweight and ergonomic design, the racket fits perfectly in your hands, allowing you to reach mosquitoes quickly and accurately. The non-slip handle guarantees safe transit.

  3. LED Indicator: An LED indicator on the paddle shows when charging is active. This lets you know when the racket is ready to use, avoiding observed surprises.

  4. Safety First: Despite the high voltage, the racket is designed to be safe for home use. A protection system prevents accidental shocks while you use it to get rid of mosquitoes.


  • Mosquito-Free Environment: Say goodbye to sleepless nights and irritations caused by mosquitoes. Have the peace of mind of a home free from these insects.

  • Quick and Effective Method: Eliminate mosquitoes instantly, without the need for chemical sprays or toxic products.

  • Fun and Practical: Eliminate mosquitoes in a fun way and satisfy your need to get rid of these insects with a single swipe.

  • Protection for the Whole Family: Keep your family safe from mosquito bites, especially in areas where mosquito-borne diseases are a concern.

Keep your home mosquito-free effectively and safely with the Mosquito Killer Racket. Don't allow these little insects to disturb your comfort and tranquility. Order now and experience a new way to eliminate mosquitoes quickly and fun!


Electric racket with 2 AA batteries not included;
On/off safety button;
Security grille;
Button to discharge the electric current into the insect;
Voltage: Bivolt (110 / 220V);
Dimensions: 51 X 21 cm;
Safety button that only triggers the shock when pressed.

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