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Abdominal Roller with Rotating Discs and Elastic Bands

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Transform Your Body with the Double Abdominal Roller - Complete Fitness in a Single Equipment!

It's time to elevate your workout and achieve your fitness goals with the Double Abdominal Roller! This multifunctional fitness device offers a complete approach to strengthening and toning every muscle in your body, providing a comprehensive, multifunctional workout. Discover how the Double Abdominal Roller can transform your fitness journey into something more effective and satisfying.

The platform serves as a base and includes non-slip rotating discs with 360° rotation, expanding the number and type of exercises that can be practiced. Allows you to regulate the intensity level of the elastic bands to offer greater or lesser resistance (up to 5 levels). The 4 modes of use can be independent or combinable, according to needs and preferences (dumbbell mode, abdominal wheel mode, elastic bands or pull rope mode and rotating mode). Includes an exercise guide that is an excellent help to guide a more complete and efficient training.

Main features:

  1. Multifunctional Workout: The Double Abdominal Roller is more than just a roller. With rotating discs and elastic resistance bands, it offers an unlimited variety of exercises to work all major muscle groups.

  2. Ergonomic Design: Its ergonomic and modern design allows for proper posture during training, minimizing the risk of injuries and maximizing results.

  3. Compact Training: Even with its versatility, the Double Abdominal Roller is compact and adaptable. This means you can use it both indoors and outdoors, at home or in parks, for a workout anywhere.

  4. Total Body Toning: Work your abs, arms, legs, glutes, chest, waist, shoulders, back and more. This device offers a comprehensive workout to transform your entire body.

  5. Portability and storage: Thanks to its portability, it is easy to carry the Double Abdominal Roller wherever you go. And when not in use, it can be easily stored, taking up little space.


  • Versatile Training: Say goodbye to the monotony of training. Try a wide variety of exercises to keep your motivation high and achieve amazing results.

  • Visible Results: Strengthen, tone and sculpt your body, becoming healthier and more confident with each workout session.

  • Flexibility of Use: Use it at home, outdoors or wherever you want. The Double Abdominal Roller adapts to your lifestyle.

  • Convenience: No matter how busy your schedule is, training with the Double Abdominal Roller can be easily incorporated into your day.

  • Lasting Quality: Made with high-quality materials, the Double Abdominal Roller is designed to withstand continued use and provide long-term benefits.

Transform your workout and transform your body with the Double Abdominal Roller. Don't let your fitness goals process only on paper. Get your Double Abdominal Roller now and experience the complete transformation of your body in a practical, effective and versatile way!

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