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Children's Magic Tablet - Writing/Drawing

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Size/Screen/Color: 6.5"/Mono/Blue
Shipping: China

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Handwriting Tablet will bring you a simpler, more convenient and happier lifestyle.

Its purpose is to stimulate children's creative thinking and interest in writing and painting. In addition to children, this tablet can be used by anyone in the family.

Leave messages to your family, make shopping lists or jot down notes, all on this tablet!

Save paper and start using this small equipment to write and draw.

It's super simple to use!

Just write whatever you want and when you want to delete it, just press the button and the content on the screen is automatically erased. The tablet has an unlock button on the back to turn the erase function on and off. Powered by a replaceable battery, this tablet has super low power consumption. It lasts a long time.

The color LCD adopts pressure-sensitive technology. 

It has no radiation, no glare and is safe and very comfortable even if used for some time.
With a size of 10 inches, it offers enough space to draw and has a great view.

Made of durable plastic and with round corners, the tablet has good resistance to drops. It is very easy to carry and fits in any backpack so you can take it to school, travel, restaurants, home, etc.

This little piece of equipment becomes super useful in everyday life for anyone!
Try it and see how practical it becomes for any task.

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