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Anti-Rain and Fog Film for Cars

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Use the Anti-Rain Film for Cars and no longer have difficulty driving on rainy days with low visibility!

Do you have problems driving on rainy days? Solve this easily with our Anti-Fog Rain Film! Just place it on your mirror to prevent raindrops from misting it .

This will give you a clearer vision and a better idea of ​​what's around your vehicle. Avoid accidents on the road !

Anti-Fog Film for Car Rear View

With Nano Hydrophobic Technology!
Prevents water splashes from accumulating on your car's rear view mirror thanks to its exclusive hydrophobic technology
Anti-Fog Film for Car Rear View
Drive safely and avoid accidents
It provides insight cleaner and clearer rear view mirror, protecting you and your passengers from traffic accidents and damage to your car.
Anti-Fog Film for Car Rear View
✅ Made of PET material, durable and safe;
✅ Transparent, waterproof, rainproof, fogproof;
✅ Dustproof, anti-grease, anti-scratch, anti-glare;
✅ Help you drive safely in adverse weather conditions;
✅ Suitable for all cars, vans, trucks, etc;
✅ Easy to install and use;
Anti-Fog Film for Car Rear View
It also has anti-glare technology , reducing reflection from vehicle headlights.
Anti-Fog Film for Car Rear View

How to install:

1. Clean the rear view mirror on which you want to place the sticker
2. Remove the protective layer from the sticker
3. Spray clean water on the mirror and place the sticker on the mirror
4.Remove excess water from under the film with the scraper provided
Repeat the same procedure for the other mirror

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