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Protective Silicone Cover for all types of drains

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Is your bathroom sink too slow? This Drain Odor Anti-Odor will put an end to that once and for all! It will collect all hair and debris to ensure fast and smooth water flow. Keep your sink fresh and clean effortlessly!

Main features :

  • Prevents smelly sinks, clogged pipes and slow water flow
  • Fits most standard size sink, tub and shower drains
  • Anti-odor, durable, flexible, convenient, eco-friendly, easy to use
  • Contemporary and elegant design
  • Made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
  • A smart alternative to metals that rust and plastics that break
  • A must-have for the bathroom and kitchen

How to use :

  1. Place it over the drain to adjust
  2. Press the center button to lift the top, catching hair and dirt while water flows freely
  3. Push the edges up to close the valve and act as a drain stop
  4. To clean, remove it from the drain, remove any hair stuck to it, apply soap and rinse.


Product Size Diameter: 10cm, Height: 3cm
Product Weight 45g
Package Composition 6 x Drain Stoppers
Product Color Gray

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